Monday, June 1, 2009

Holy. HAWT.

Yes, Jacob Black/ TAylor Lautner DOES rock my sox, thank you very much.

UPDATE: Check Jasper's hair at 0:39. Holy anti-hawt/scary!

UPDATE 2: Go on Youtube cuz this cuts off half of the hawtness- ahem, I meant video. Yup.


Keilee said...

WOW!!! The only good part was the glimpse of Taylor! Edward and Bella haven't improved at all, but oh well, there's JACOB! (sigh)

Amanda said...

You have resorted to using the word (and spelling) "hawt." I pity you.

Amanda said...

I'm confused. Who's the guy Jake's supposed to be defending her from?

Hillari said...

I agree there was waaay to much Edward and not enough Jacob.

It is misleading, It makes it seem like there's a lot of Edward. Also they ruined the suspense over the whole changing into a wolf part!

Jacob is protecting Bella from Laurent, because he tried to turn vegetarian, but it didn't work. Bella stumbled onto him when he was feeding.

Don't diss the usage of "hawt". It is merely a slang term meant to personify the pronunciation of hot, it gives it more emphasis.

Maddie said...

OH MY GOSH JACOB IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!! Whoever doesn't think so is CRAZY!! Lol :P