Sunday, October 25, 2009


Okay guys, we need to figure out this party. I think we are planning on friday to meet at the corn maze (time?) and then come to my house after we are done there. I am gonna need help figuring out the food, so if you want to bring something just tell me and we can work it all out. I am thinking maybe we can roast hot dogs and marshmallows in my fire pit and people can bring salads, desserts, chips, and drinks. Just everyone bring something to share. And bring games if you want, or anything fun we can do as a group. If you want, I can plan some stuff to do but I was just thinking we would hang out and sit around the fire and maybe play games and stuff like that. Sound good? Any suggestions are welcome! I also need to know who's coming for sure so we can count on how much food to get.


Hillari said...

I am definately coming. It sounds like -from the various football players I've asked- the game will be either 2, 3, or 4 o'clock, against Skyview. Possibly a home game?

I'll bring starbursts to roast!!!!!! It is a must when fire is involved. also, don't worry about "oh hillary can't eat this" becuase I'll be bringing goodies for me along with stuff for everone. I totally am not offended when someone eats something in front of me.

Misty says she can (most likely) come, and to tell her when we get things all sorted out what the plan is.

I can bring cheesecake! there is a really good nut crust that actually tastes really good. Or maybe I can find the ginger crust that is also good. I'll figure it out. :)

Hillari said...

We're still doing costumes, right?

Also, how much does the cornmaze cost?

Maddie said...

I checked on the website, and the corn maze is $10.

I think costumes are a good idea, but I don't want to wear my costume to the corn maze! Maybe just bring your costumes, and we can change into them when we get back to my house.

Yen said...

Argh.. costumes? Must I?

Yeah, the game is a home game since SHS is higher seeded than Skyview. Roasting starbursts?

Amanda said...

Costumes, yes. I'm not planning to go to the corn maze, because I've been already this year and I am broke. :)

Well...not really...but I'm saving my money...because I might get to go to Europe this summer. !!!!! Maybe. Possibly.

Cheesecake is amazing!!! That would be awesome.

Yes, Yen. Roasting Starbursts. I've never had it, but the girls at Girl's Camp say it is delicious.

Keilee said...

Roasted Starbursts are the best and a staple for Girls Camp.

Um, I'm not really sure about the corn maze, I didn't want to spend that much money, sorry I'm a cheap-o. I can bring anything to eat, especially cheesecake!!! Cheesecake is amazing.
I don't have a costume yet, but I can get something quick if we really want to, but if we're going to play games that might be a little hard in costumes...idk. I'm just thinking it might be more comfortable outside if we don't wear costumes.

Yen said...

Should we just scrap the whole corn maze idea and just hang out?

Erika said...

I'm not sure about the corn maze thing either.

SO, what time are we meeting then; we've yet to decide that. I'm pretty sure I can come, I'll make sure.

Maddie said...

Okay fine, but I wanted to do the corn maze. If we aren't doing the corn maze then it's gonna have to be later in the day, like whatever time we would have gotten back to my house after the corn maze. Does 7 sound good for everyone?

Yen said...

K, so apparently the football game's at 2 pm.

Maddie.. you and I could go to the corn maze if you wanted. Do you need me to come early to help get stuff ready?

Hillari said...

I'm forcing Keilee and Yen into costumes, so we're good on that account. :)

and, heh heh, we're playing skyLINE not skyVIEW. :s

Hillari said...

7 sounds good. It really depends on how long the game will last, no longer than 3 hours...

Yen said...

Hillary and I checked and it said that it's gonna be around 42 w/ a low of like 35 degrees that night. Idk if we want to do a lot of things outside. Or should we play boardgames or something?

Hillari said...

But there will be a fire... I want a fire! (wow that sounded very tantrumish)

Amanda said...

Fire would be cool. We might want to do quite a few things inside, though.

Yay! Football game isn't a problem! Everybody cheer!

Maddie said...

K here's the virtual sign up sheet for snacks. Here's what I'm thinking we'll need:
-hotdogs to roast (1-2 per person, so maybe like 2 packs?)idk
-buns (same as dogs)
-marshmallows/s'mores stuff
-salads? i'm talking like jello salad, fruit salad, yummy salad not the whole "get your greens healthy veggie salad"... it's a party, hello! :)
-desserts, and lots of them!

Okay that's all I can think of for now, so tell me what you can bring!!

Hillari said...

Maddie, I think you'll have to put that list on another post. We lose attention after about 15 comments. Be assertive! :)

like I said, I'll bring cheesecake and starbursts.