Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon!!

I know some of you blog readers and contributors don't like the Twilight series, but if you watch the new movie, you must admit it is awesome. At the very least, you should go see Taylor Lautner topless.
The most hilarious part is when Edward is walking across the parking lot and the wind is just right, and his jacket gets blown back around him.... ROFL!!! What a cheeseball!!!



Amanda said...

Yeah...our cheerleaders were wearing matching T-shirts that said "Team Jacob...because Edward bites!"

Don't turn this into a gigantic argument or anything...but New Moon was the worst book. How could it be a decent movie?

Hillari said...

Just the fact that Jacob is so much better than Edward. I think that it isn't that the movie is so groundbreaking, it's just that Twilight was such a disaster, this one seems amazing in comparison.

I love when Jacob spoke to Bella in the Quillieute language, so cute!
I'm kind of glad now that my sister got me that gigantic poster of Taylor Lautner's head... :P

Misty said...

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with Hill. Twilight was a disaster.