Tuesday, September 16, 2008


OMGosh! I might be moving to Alaska! SQUEEEEEE!!!!! (No, I'm really not kidding, Yen)
And this is unlike the "Aly-moving-to-Bear-Lake scare" because both my mom and my dad are for it this time! If we did, it would be to Homer, Alaska...HOMER! Ah well, the name can't be helped, I guess.
This would be SO SAD, cuz I'd be leavin' y'all, but on the other hand, wouldn't it be a nice adventure? I mean, I have lived in UTAH my whole life, possibly the most boring/blase stae in the U.S. Wouldn't Alaska liven things up a bit?

Random Aly trivia:

Once, when I was seven, I held a boy down and Baylee kissed him.

HA! That was totally random.


Yen said...

That's funny, well, unless you're actually being serious! Is your dad's job moving or something? Wait, is this like the scare we had a few years ago when you were like moving to Bear Lake or Idaho or something? You should consult with Maddie on how Alaska's like. Ooo... you'll be moving to Sarah Palin's state! Doesn't that sound fun! You should tell your parents that uprooting you from your current high school and transitioning to a new state would disrupt your your schoolwork, mess a lot of stuff up, and you'll have depression... Just kidding. Would your parents make you move in the middle of the school year? They wouldn't do that, right? Okay, to sum this all up...


I don't think any of us could stand it if you or someone else moved!!!! SO DON'T!

Shannah said...

I agree with Yen.
If you move, I will personally hunt you down and bring you back. You might see your parents again, but you would probably be damaged.

Love you Aly!

Who did Bailey kiss?

Hillari said...

when? Why? NOOOOOOO!! our table is way to small as it is, Aly! and who am I gonna have to make the day bareable because of their comments?!? grrr!

Maddie said...

Alaska is awesome, Aly!! I really think you will like it if you move there. Especially Homer. It's really pretty, I've been there!! If you want I can send you a picture of my family there... lol you probably don't want it but it's pretty. Alaska is way amazing. Despite the 6 to 7 months of winter, complete darkness for half a year, higher prices on everything, wild animals in your yard, -40 degree temperatures, and being far away from everything... it's a pretty nice place!! If you want me to tell you more I can, but I don't think I can type that much on a comment.

Yen said...

Hey, you finally got on! What in the world is wrong with your computer? Oh yeah Maddie, you just sold Alaska so well. You should of just stopped at it's beautiful. The high prices, darkness, and everything kinda ruined it.

Amanda said...

What do you have against Utah? Utah rules! THIS IS THE PLACE! Gosh, Aly, weren't you listening to Mrs. Day? We sang songs and everything, lol!

Maddie, I love your description. Though Alaska would be cool to visit...