Friday, September 12, 2008


Carter seems to have taken offense with me, because he just told me in a really venomous tone that I have "a normal face" and that my "hair is cut in half" and that I "don't know how to teach soccer."

How dare he?!


Yen said...

Wait, for a second there, I thought you meant Mr. Carter, and I was so confused. Why did Carter say that you can't teach soccer and stuff? What did you do to the poor boy? He wouldn't just go and say that, would he? Then again, he's what, five?

Aly said...

Haha! Wrong Carter! Yeah, he's five. And I don't know why he would say such things!

Nah, I may've deserved it a little, I guess...I was torturing him a little bit. Oh well!

Man, Yen, I haven't seen you in forEVER! We should totally have some sort of class reunion party thing now that you and Delaney can come!

Hillari said...

yeah, i get a lot of those random insults too. from my nephews. but that is totally cute that your brother said that. how hard was it to not laugh?

Keilee said...

That's hilarious Aly, that totally made my day.

I completely agree with the party thing. We really need to see everyone together again.

Misty said...

I agree with many people on this comment page. for one, I agree with Yen: what did you do to him? you probably deserved it though, knowing you.
for two, I agree with you, Aly: PARTY!!!
for three, I also have to ask: how hard was it not to laugh? I would have been busting up.
for four: that made my day. or night. whatever.

Misty said...

get me info on the party and i will attend. i will do my best anyway

Aly said...

For everybody who has been asking: It was REALLY hard not to laugh. Really.