Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Procrastinator No More!!!

so, officially from here on out and forever more I renounce my ways of procrastinating. wait, sratch that, i'm procrastinating by writing this post becuase I have homework.

Anyway, I officially, as of 5:20 ish have my.......................... (drum roll) LEARNERS PERMIT!!!!!
and I only missed 1 question. yay! I guess it helps that I am taking drivers ed and we already went through the book and I've taken the drivers license written test and know all the correct answers to it and most of the questions were also on the permit test. so yeah......... yay! : D


Misty said...

YAY HILLARY!!!!!!!!!
Woot Hoot for you!!!!
It only took like a year. (jk) (love you)
YAY HILLARY!!!!!!!!!
I'm so proud of you. *tear* You're growing up so fast...*sniffle* *tear* *sniffle*

Amanda said...

Nice job, Hillary!