Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whoo...South Korea

Dallin sent us a bunch of information about South Korea, and it was really cool. He says they eat the same stuff for every meal: rice, kimchi, more rice, and vegetables. Sometimes, they will add meat of some sort. Even breakfast! Isn't that weird?

He says that there are a million tiny businesses that are all the same (like 20 Internet cafes and 20 clothes stores and get the point...all next to each other), and he can't figure out how they stay in business. He sleeps on these mat things.

He sent us a picture of the skyline of his area (Buchan, I think...or is it Incheon? Anyway, it's all part of the Greater Seoul area), and it's HUGE! ("1/2 million of them. 2 of us. We've got some work to do.") They have one of those wedding reception/special event places, and it's shaped like a Disney castle. Seriously! And in front of it is Club Batman. You can see the sign. Apparently copyright laws aren't so formal in Korea...

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