Monday, January 19, 2009

Economy and AP Euro

Hey, for those of you who take AP Euro...have you ever stopped to consider how our situation is so similar to the circumstances in France right before the French revolution?

I mean, France had just been in a war to help us get our independence, and were in huge debt because of it. And their government just kind of ignored the debt...and the government still got a ton of money out of the national budget...and they were borrowing money from the French citizens, so when the government went bankrupt, the entire country went bankrupt.

Just a thought. A creepy thought.


Yen said...

Yeah, but here's the thing, we're not going to revolt against our government and chop off their heads. If you haven't noticed, we haven't sent Bush to the guillotine (yet.). Plus, we're not as addicted to revolutions as the French are. In Ap, we counted the amount of revolutions in France, and I think we got to 11 or 12. What republic number are they on?

Let's hope we don't turn into a revolution country. And Amanda, that IS a creepy thought. I guess our equivalent to Versailles and Louis XIV is Wall Street and the Fat cats. Am I correct?

Hillari said...

weirdest thing, my dad and I were talking about that. it is really creepy to think about. I kinda get now when they say "you need to study the past so we can predit the future" or something like that.

Yen said...

Wasn't that like the question we needed to answer to get into 9th grade honors english?

Erika said...

Yea, yen it was.

That really is weird, I'd never thought about that before (mostly because I didn't know much about it) I also think yen's right when she says we're not a revolting type of people. But after Bush, and with the kind of president that's coming up next. the worry certainly has merit.

Amanda said...

I was thinking more Congress, Yen, not Wall Street. Wall Street/fat cats are the nobles.

Yeah, I'm not expecting we're gonna go guillotine Bush...or Obama, for that matter. Though, there have already been like 2 or 3 badly-planned assassination attempts.

Amanda said...

You've got a point. The French are kinda really bad at wars...yet they do it a lot.