Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Great Ask Peter Hoax as performed by Aly

I didn't know it was all Aly's fault when I took these pictures, and obviously no one else did either.
Just Look at that smile on Aly's face ;)

Madeline got pretty freaked out. Or maybe it was because I was taking her picture.

All of us huddled together over a tiny laptop screen.

Thanks Aly.



Aly said...

Oh, you are SOOOOOO welcome.


Amanda said...

Man, if we could have seen Aly's face, we would have guessed it. Look how guilty she looks!

Hillari said...

the sad thing is that I took the PICTURE and I still didn't even have the slightest clue.

Misty said...

someone please inform me... what is this great hoax aly performed? Delaney mentioned something about it but i didnt get much info. please share this story.. i feel like i have been left in the dark.

Hillari said...

oh yeah, you were deathly ill then, weren't you? ;)
Well, here's the story.

sometime during the party, i'm not sure how it came up, aly went to this website called Ask Peter tarot reader (or something like that) there was a box and two lines. on the first line we had to write peter please answer. on the second line you would ask your question. then press submit and peter would know exactly what the answer was.

we asked what color the cookies were and replied orange (which was true). We then thought maybe someone was using the microphone so we wouldn't say the answer out loud, that was when we asked which camp delaney worked at over the summer. also we tried to trick it by lying and saying yen was anything but catholic, but the answer still came up as catholic. after every correct answer everyone would scream, it was quite funny actually. well we stopped screaming after the third one. Then we would make aly move aside and have someone else ask the question. when this happened, some vague answer about not believing would pop up and only aly could make it work. It really frustrated us.

After about an hour Aly finally fessed up. She was the one who was telling the answers. If you pressed period on the line you are supposed to type peter please answer then you could type in the answer and on the screen it would still show up as "peter, please answer" (or occasionally "peter, please an" or "peter ple" depending how long you answer was. you think that might have given her away, also the fact that her fingers were totally not typing the letter p. or even on that side of the keyboard. but we weren't looking at her fingers. we were glued to the screen.)

truly she had us going for at least 1 hour.

Aly said...

Ohhhhh yeah. I am gooood.