Wednesday, December 31, 2008


OK, so following the comment section on "Merry Christmas, Y'all!"

1. None of us have a clue about Maximum Ride
2. Christmas this year was Wii-Mania
3. Hillary is rich but in denial
4. We're having a party at Hillary's house on January 20th at some time.

Am I correct?


Hillari said...

this is correct (except #3). The party will be @ my house.

Tell everyone you are in contact with, I will forget someone If I try to call everyone and then feel really awful.

We could start @ 4 or 5, I'm not sure, you guys vote.

Wii remotes would be gladly welcomed along with any guitar hero stuff/mario cart/DDR mats(i only have one :s) or any other games that you might think I don't already have. which includes Mario Cart.

If you guys want to bring anything food wise, that would be welcome, but is not required.

Amanda said...

Aly, I am so counting on you to borrow Super Smash Bros Brawl from Brother Parks! And uf I play with a Wii remote, my skill level will be the same as all of you who have never played it!

I vote 4 o' clock. The earlier the better.

Keilee said...

I don't care what time. I'll try to bring food and definetly remotes.

Misty said...

4 o'clock has my vote.
I can bring remotes and possibly wii fit. i will see. and maybe mariokart as well...

the party will be on jan 20th tho, right?