Wednesday, December 24, 2008


K Guys,
Me and Keilee need help! In English we have to make a newspaper centered in 1935. We are going to add a comics page in the back. We have three ideas for comics so far.

1. Bob Ewell lost his pride and can't find it.

2. When Snowmen go bad (Yes I stole this from Misty, can I use it Misty?)

and 3. Scout with her pants on under her dress.

I need at least 2-3 more funny or serious (action-packed) ideas for comics.
Remember, it's centered around 1935, so no pickles, sorry Aly.


Misty said...

Yes you have my permission to use when snowmen go bad, although I got it from a calendar a few years ago... might wanna check copyright laws etc. lol.

I will send you a bunch of the comics I have gotten through email, to help and because they are funny as heck!

Misty said...

im sorry, i cant seem to find any more comics to send to you, but i hope that one helps.

Merry Christmas!

Hillari said...

umm yeah. I can't find anything remotely possible that could be used as a funny or serious comic for that particular book. or any book for that matter. sorry! :S

Amanda said...

Bob Ewell lost his pride and can't find

That one's good...

Maybe something about the gossipy ladies??? That would be kinda funny...

Or the old ladies at the end that got all their furniture stuck in their cellar?

Aly said...

HAHA! I will so help you think some up...this is my forte!