Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey Look!

Hey! We had our sort-of concert and Barnes and Noble, so we were browsing, and I discovered something awesome! Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra! I didn't even know it came out! I was so excited! And my mom bought it! (I have to pay her back, but at least I have it now) WHOOT!

Also, I've been playing with the background. Give me your opinion.

Also, also, do I have permission to delete a few of the pictures/playlists/penguins? It's taking ages to load, and we have high speed...


Yen said...

Amanda, just wondering, but if you have high speed, why does it take forever to load?

The background color's cute, but it might need a border to make the sides stand out. Just a sugestion.

And it's okay that you couldn't make it. I care more about your grade than your presence at my concert. I know you were there in spirit!

Hillari said...

wait, is that the fourth leven thumps? cause I have numbers one through three and i totally want the fourth one. I love the background, but maybe a little more colors besides red. mine is loading fine, so maybe it is your internet. if it still persists, i could take my playlist of again.

Hillari said...

also. I have two questions that are really irking me. WHO IS THE Du Vranger Gata (or some spelling like that) I know that they are spellcasters, but where did they come from and what part did they play in other books?

Also what is a kull????? is it an Urgal, or something different???? so confused!!!

Yen said...

Is Leven Thumps that good? Idk, but maybe the author just freaked me out a little bit.

Hey, concerning my concert, how do I upload something that's like 15-20 minutes long? Or is it a link? What should I do?

Hillari said...

when you do a post, instead of clicking on the little icon of a picture, click on the icon with a film strip. I've never put a film on, but I think it has a browse button and you can find it on your computer.

Amanda said...

OK, answers to various questions:

1. I'm not sure on my Internet...like it pops up really quick, but then it takes ages to load the playlists and stuff...it's just annoying, seeing as I don't care about the playlists...
2. I don't know how to change the background beyond what I did.
3. Leven Thumps is AWESOME, Yen! You should so read it!
4. Yes, it's the fourth one, Hillary
5. Du Vrangr Gata is the Varden's spellweavers, and in the first book, the Twins asked Eragon to join and he refused, and in the second he used them to kill the enemy spellcasters in the king's army
6. How long has it been since you've read these? Kull are a type of Urgal that are like 8 feet tall and supastrong. Yes, not super, supastrong!

Hillari said...

it was seventh grade since I last read them. :p