Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get Better Baylee!

OW! I hope you feel better soon Baylee. I'm sorry I cannot sympathize. I haven't had my tonsils out, but it sounds painful. I hope you feel better by Christmas though, because that would vacuum. Try not to boss Aly around too much, unless you really feel it necessary.

Merry Christmas (no matter how you feel)!


Amanda said...

I bet she feels it necessary all the time. ^_^

Baylee said...

You bet right. - Aly

This is Aly, and I'm currently functioning as Baylee's mouthpiece (or would it be, like, fingerpiece, since I'm typing it?). She says:

"Awww... thanks so much Keilee! You better have a good reason for tellin' me to stop bossin' Aly around, cuz it is WAY too fun! Thanks for thinking of me!"