Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Walk to Remember

ok, I just finished watching a walk to remember, and I am officially obsessed!! it was an awesome movie!!! but so sad. i was crying my dad came down and he just rolled his eyes when I told him what was wrong. the top songs on my playlist were songs I loved from the movie, my favorite being only hope by mandy moore.


Yen said...

Hillary, all I have to say is "oh dear". I have to agree it was sad, but at the same time, I side with your dad and rolling his eyes. The songs were good though, I have to admit.

Aly said...

Haha, my sister listens to "Dancing in the Moonlight" 20 times a day. And has done for the past two years.

You have no idea.

Amanda said...

What's that about?

Hillari said...

I don't think you would like it, since you are kinda against mushy romance. ;)

but it is about a boy who is "cool". then he and his buddies make this kid jump of someplace high to water so he could be a part of the "group" he gets hurt and cool dude gets in trouble. as punishment he has to be in the school play, tutor kids, stay after school and clean.

all the things that this girl does also, except the cleaning part. they have known each other forever, but she is totally not cool so they never aknowledge each other. then he needs help cause he got the lead part in the play and she got a part too. she helps him and he falls in love with her.

She totally changes him so he isn't a jerk anymore and he stands up to his friends when they make fun of her.

then something really horrible happens and the movie ends. I won't tell you what that is, so you'll just have to watch it. mwuahhahahah! :D

oh btw, sorry I can't really give summaries any shorter than the movie itself. :s