Friday, December 5, 2008

I can drive!!!!!

I passed!!!!! I can't believe I passed!!!!!
I took the Driver's Road test and got 16, so I passed that.
Then today I took the written part, which is 150 questions and 300 points.
You have to get 80% to pass and I got 86% (or 258 points).

There's a story behind this exstatisism. We were supposed to study for the test over the weekend. So I went Sunday night to do it and realized I had forgotten the handbook in my locker. That had everything highlighted that we needed to study. So I freaked out, called Keilee, and her (being the reassuring person she is) calmed me done and said I would not fail. Then this morning it was late start so we didn't get any time to study so I thought for sure I would fail. So when I found out I passed I was soooooo excited!

So now on Febuary 27, I can go in and get my license!!!!!


Hillari said...

No you can't get your license on Feburary 27, because that would be before me, and that would be breaking the natural law. you wouldn't want to do that, now would you? ;D

Shannah said...

OF COURSE I WOULD WANT TO DO THAT!!!!! I mean it is your license. I can't be punished for your mistakes now, can I?


Hillari said...

yes you can, and you should ;D

Amanda said...

Hey, I can get my license on February 28th!

Amanda said...

Actually, I think I got my permit at the start of September, so it would be like the first week of March...sad

Hillari said...

me too! lets start a club; a procrastinating-getting-your driver's-permit-until-you-have-to wait-forever club!