Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dudes! I'm in DISNEYLAND!

Click here for info on The Character Breakfast Scare and The Pool Mishap.

Click here for regular updates and pics of the trip!


Amanda said...

Wow, Aly. You ARE talented, to get yourself hurt that badly in one go. Ha! I hope you're OK! And it doesn't mess up your vacation...

You're scared of Alice in Wonderland?

OK, so it's funny, while you've been gone, everybody's like "Where's Aly?" "When's Aly coming back?" "I was so bored in class today because I didn't have Aly to talk to."

Hey, you will be back for church Sunday, right? Because I always feel bad for Brother Parks because he tries and fails to get us to shut up, and then I'm kinda quietish, but I always get annoyed at Brother Davis, so I try to get away with stuff in his I evil?

Oh, also, I have something very...interesting for you to read when you get back. It concerns Twilight, but Shannah wouldn't read it...*mischievous grin* If you will check your email, I'll email it to you...

Hillari said...

Aly, are you staying in the park? because that would not be very cool (jk, that would be VERY cool)

Try not to kill yourself, either by pools or by ingorging yourself, ok?

Aly said...


Yes. Yes, I am. Awwww, I feel special! And no, I won't be back by Sunday (for which I am sure Bro Davis will be glad). Haha, if you're evil, I am too...we're in it together! Ooohhh, send it to me!


Yes, we are staying in the park, and it's AMAZING! And I will try. Really, I will. I'll tell you how it works out.

Keilee said...

I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! About the staying in the park thing, not about the injuries. That's really hilarious about you and Alic in Wonderland, I almost cried I was laughing so hard.

You need to come back soon, we've all missed you, especially at lunch.