Monday, December 29, 2008

Attention Syracusians!

Those of you who live in Syracuse, who's going to the New Years Eve dance at my church? Apparently I can go now because my family is having our party at my house instead of my grandma's. My cousin Wesley (who is 2 days older than me) might be coming with us. I think Shannah and Yen are the only ones who have met him, in the Denver airport. I might not be staying for the whole time, I'll just be going back and forth between parties.

Anyway, I was just wondering so I know who to look for.


Aly said...

Hey hey hey, the going back and forth twixt parties isn't a bad idea! I wasn't planning on going cuz I wanted to do my family party, but it sounds'd be nice if I could do both! SO the answer is... *drum roll*

I dunno.

Hillari said...

our family party is on new years day. so i thought I might go just to go.

Shannah said...

Yea, Keilee can come!!!!!
So everyone in Syracuse is coming plus Wesley.
Hey, could you hook me up with Wesley, jsut a question. He is cute!
Aly you should also go to the par-tay. It's going to be awesome.
From 9:00 to 12:30 at out stake center. It's going to be amazing!

Keilee said...

Ummmmmmm. No comment about MY COUSIN.

I might not come until 10:00 or 11:00 because I like my family more, and we'll be watching movies I haven't seen yet.

So, ya.

Amanda said...

OK, so I'm not from Syracuse now? I feel kind of left out...

It's funny, cuz I've had a bunch of people trying to convince me to go to that. They were all like "Come on, you don't have to dance, you can just hang out with your friends."

NEWSFLASH! I can hang out with my friends at MY house with better food, better music, more people I want to see and fewer people I don't want to see.