Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Hunger Games

I just barely finished "The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins and I just have a few things to say.

First, that was probably the worst ending I have ever read.

Second, when does the next book come out?

Third, I don't think I can wait that long. This is almost worse than waiting for "Breaking Dawn."

Fourth, OMYGOSH! That was nuts! It was way too intense. I am screaming inside my head.

I would also not recommend it to the easily upset stomach.

Oh Hillary, I was wondering if I could use my iTunes card, etc. at your house on Tuesday since there is no way my internet will be up for that.


Hillari said...

I KNOW ISN'T IT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! right now it is my favorite book of all time. everyone should stop whatever they are currently reading and read that book. like, immediately.

Keilee, i've been wanting to morn with someone about that ending, though. I've been holding it in, and it is actually been very hard.

I think that the next book comes out in the fall, and I am positive I can't wait that long.

while you just screamed in your head, I actually screamed out loud. in my room of course.

Keilee you could totally come with itunes card loaded on tuesday. There is lotsa music to choose from.

Hillari said...

oh, but keilee, the Sweet Far Thing had an even more awful ending than that. like 10x worse. so awful. Don't anyone read it!!!

Shannah said...

Hunger Games 2, also known as Catching Fire is coming out September of 2009.

I told you so Keiliee!

Amanda said...

I got it on hold at the library when we went yesterday just because you guys are so obsessed. This better not be as bad as Twilight.

If it has an awful ending, why do you like it?

Keilee said...

Amanda, it is nothing like Twilight, almost the complete opposite. I still love it despite the end because there's a book following it, so it's not a definite end, there's still hope.

Actually, I did scream out loud the second I slammed the book closed. I want to talk about it, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'll wait til Tuesday. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Yen said...

Ugh, I hate it when the book ends horribly. How bad WAS it?

Oh, and Hillary, Maddie was wondering if you were done w/ Fit for Life so she can use the book. She doesn't wanna buy the book either. If your not done w/ Fit for Life, well, guess Maddie will have to buy her own book. Thanks!

Hillari said...

um yeah, I still have to start it. heh. i stopped when I switched into ap euro because I was way behind. I plan to take it sometime soon. but that may mean in the summer. sorry maddie!

Yen said...

okey dokey. See you on tuesday! You know, if you ever need help w/ ap euro, just call or email me.

Hillari said...

i'm gonna hold you to that! all of us ap euro people need to get together and study sometime before the test. if not, i'm gonna die a slow and painful death.

Amanda said...

That would be nice. Hey, Hillary, how did you do on your DBQ?

I'm getting transferred into Hillary's AP Euro class, so maybe collaborating will be easier.

Hillari said...

I didn't even finish. but when they scored it I had all the base points already and then my classmates really didn't get that they were supposed grade further so i don't know if I got full points. but I decided that I can't stand DBQ's. I try to fit waaaaay to much information into it and then my paragraphs are more than half a page long. I totally won't be able to finish. I'm gonna need to write like superfast.

Yen said...

What DBQ subject did you do it on? Ugh, I can't get past the base points. I always miss it on analysis and POV, so the highest I get is like a 5. Question... how in the world are we supposed to read all the docs, analyze, and write a stupid DBQ in 45 minutes?

Erika said...

What in the world is a DBQ? what are base points? I'm confused.

Besides, what crazy demon posessed all you guys and made you take AP Euro. History is painful enough as it is why make it worse? I think I'll stick to reular, boring, but easy world civ.

Yen said...

DBQs are Document Based Questions where they give you 10-12 short documents, you read it, and you answer an essay type question. It's yucky, but well worth it for the college credit.
Ap's actually interesting. You learn new things and like my teacher says, "we're more cultured". Anyways, like I learned a few weeks ago that Marie Antoinette didn't really say "let them eat cake". She never said it b/c she was too self absorbed to even take the time to think about them, let along say what they should eat.

Hillari said...

a DBQ is a document based question. we have to write a 5 paragraph essay evaluating a question given using the documents, also given.

we did our essays on the fact that the French Revolution sparked many debates on Natural Rights. wow, i'm surprised I remembered that.

Hillari said...

whoa, so i think I posted that comment at the same time as yen. or I just didn't scroll down far enough. also Erika, i don't know what possesed me. probably the endless hours after school where I had nothing to do when i was in World Civ. then I switched to AP Euro a term late, oh what a silly thing to do.

Amanda said...

It was symbolic. Her people didn't have bread, and so she "said" Let Them Eat Cake.

My DBQ took an hour and five minutes but Mr. Berrong said he would grade it with and 8 or 9.

And when I was saying "I hope it's not as bad as Twilight," I wasn't assuming it was like Twilight, I was assuming it was as badly written as Twilight.

Yen said...

That's so not fair how he grades you high on DBQs! I teacher's way picky, and as much as I try to stick bias in it, we only get 6s. The highest so far is like a 6 or 7. Maybe it's just that we're bad at writing DBQs, but I think I'm pretty decent... but then again, I might not be!