Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Mysteriuos Red Button that I CANNOT push

What happens if I do press the button. it is Big and red and Mysterious,
that makes me want to press it Really Really really bad
Why can't i press it, what evil maniacal plan is behind this button?

Have you ever noticed that the four traits that will make a button irresistibly pushable are:
They are Red
They are Big
they are Mysterious
And Most importantly they say not to press it

This button has all four, how is it expected for me to resist the insistent urge to press it.

Why create the button if it is not to be pressed, I just don't get it
How many of you guys have pushed it? probably everybody

I have decided that I Will probably die if I don't so i am going to push it now...


Erika said...

That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love big red buttons I had complete joy in pushing it, dumb as that is, it is still awesome.

However I can't get past the one that says: "It may NEVER end! (oh the humanity...)"

I can't read all of it so i don't know what to do.

Hillari said...

Seriously! me neither. it says "click the second of the first where 3 are the same" what the??? I don't get it. I tried to press the second "the" because there are three of them, but that didn't work. So I kept clicking obsessively, but that still didn't work. I gave up.

Yen said...

I went to pyzam.com, and then I found it, and then I finished it. You can't win unless you see the whole screen, so if you REALLY want to win, go to the website.

Amanda said...

Wait, how do you get to the website?

Aly said...

You go girl(s)! Haha, Erika, I didn't even have to deliberate when I saw it. I just saw the "Do Not Push" and I was clicking like crazy!

Amanda said...

Hey, I made it work! I won! Cheer!