Sunday, February 8, 2009

Righting Wrong Writing

OK, there was this HILARIOUS(ly nerdy) article in the Reader's Digest. It was titled "Righting Wrong Writing: Heroically persnickety typo crusaders set the U.S. straight." Seriously! These people travel the country, "changing the world in [their] own humble way." Some of my favorites:

They were denied permission to fix "Washigton" in a supermarket, so they asked another employee who cheerfully said yes. "It was the classic When-Mom-Says-No-Ask-Dad move."

They jumped a barbed wire fence and run across cactus-covered scrubland to fix a sign advising tourists to bring their "camera's" "That was a big one. The apostrophe was about the size of my head."

They changed the electric signs in the checkout lines from "12 Items or Less" to "12 Items or Fewer."

In a National Park, they added a comma, changed womens' to women's and somehow ignored the urge to fix emense (which I assume was supposed to be immense). The National Park Service was upset. Apparently, the sign was done by a famous architect, and they were fined $3,035 and had to promise to stay out of of national parks for a year.

Yeah... ^_^

P.S. I read "Uglies" I liked it! It was weird, but good.


Hillari said...

SO HILARIOUS! even not-nerds might enjoy that slightly. I would totally join those people to fix that! It seriously bugs my OCD when things are spelled wrong.

YAY!!! you read Uglies! I LOVE that trilogy-that-is-really-a-quartet!!!

Amanda said...

Oh, I forgot! They also formed TEAL, the Typo Eradication Advancement League!

And yeah, Uglies was good. Do you have any of them? Or do I have to be not lazy and get them from the library?

Hillari said...

sorry, I have to go with answer number 2.

Misty said...

Where did you find this? I kinda want to see the rest.