Monday, February 9, 2009


Hey, so Ty was talking to me after seminary and told me his best friend Kendall got a 35 on his ACT. I proceeded to say WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! (Hence the title) That's crazy! 35?!?! That's the first person I know who's gotten better than 32(Aly's dad)

Also, Shannah's/my birthdays are coming up. What do you say we do a combined party thingamajig (that way you don't have to buy presents. Isn't that convenient?) with all of us? Like the 21st or something? Right in the middle?


Erika said...

That is crazy!!!!!!!!!
I finally got my ACT scores back today, which is quite an interestiong story, you see we called ACT and they said they had lost my test; turns out they lost about 20 tests from syracuse, all the peole who took the writing portion.

Luckily they did find the tests, the school had made a really stupid mistake, they put the tests in the box for booklets.

When i came home and my mom told me the story, she didn't tell me they found them right till the end, if she had waited one second longer I would have spontaniously combusted and killed the people who lost the test.

I got a 28 which is about what I was expecting, pretty good but not amazing. Just slightly above average. Story of my life: just slightly above average.

Hillari said...

A 35???????????????????????????? that is crazy amazing. Yen's crazy friend got a 33 on hers, so that is saying something.

Erika!!! you are sooooooooo not just slighly above average. and I hate to break it to you, but 17 is the average. so ha.

Keilee said...

Kendall SPACKMAN? Whaaaat? The blondish kid who's my stake president's son? Wow, that is definetly a surprise.

Amanda said...

Yeah, Kendall Spackman.

Also, a girl in my math class said 23 was average. I'm more inclined to believe about 20.

Amanda said...

Erika, 28 is GOOD. You can get scholarships for that.

Aly said...

Yeah, Kendall *rhymes-with-Batman* is a freakin' genius. I already knew he was a smarty! Beat that!

Amanda said...

His last name does not rhyme with Batman. The "ack" sound doesn't rhyme with "at."