Monday, February 9, 2009

SNOW DAY-ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At NUAMES the power was out so the school decided it would be a snow day, sorta.

We stayed for minimum day so we don't have to make it up,

but it's just past noon and I'm home.

The power came on during 7th, but they didn't change the schedule.

This is the first, and probably last, snow day i have ever experienced, It is just awesome!!!!!!!!!

P.S. These are some pictures I took for Digital Photo that i think look awesome.


Yen said...

Three words plus two (not including the previous):


.... j/k

Amanda said...


Yeah, I totally made that up. Anyway, the power went out? Kooky.

I hate how the snow isn't really all that snowy. You try walking to seminary in 6 inches of slush! Well, it wasn't 6 inches everywhere, but it was tall enough to be over the soles of my shoes and soaking in.

Amanda said...

Hey, Erika? Can you like call and give me your email address again? I forgot...:P

Hillari said...

ooooh. I love the pictures, they are AWESOME!!! ok, now for the mean part.

I HATE YOU!! I have lived where I currently live my whole entire stinkin life and never have I, to my recollection, had a snow day. NOT ONCE!!! ugh. not fair. :D

Aly said...

Holy crap! You have a photo class?! HELP ME! You better email me soon about it, or I will get Baylee to nickname you (it might not sound that bad, but last time she nicknamed me I was stuck with "Salmon" for a year. So be afraid! Be very afraid!)!

Yen said...

Apparently, according to Maddie, CHS had a power outtage as well until like noon. just fyi, but they didn't get to go home.

Amanda said...

Those pictures ARE totally awesome.