Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party On!

We should plan a party over spring break! I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever... How many people are going out of town that week?

P.S. Our concert is tomorrow (April 1st) at 7 if you can come


Hillari said...

i'll be home, but only cause my dad had to work. :( i really wanted to go camping, but whatev.

Misty said...

I think a party sounds FANTASTIC!!!!

But where would we have it? I imagine Hillary, or at the very least, Hillary's parents, are sick of hosting them... and I'm pretty sure I'm kinda sick of driving so far... not that I don't love you, but its a slight pain in the neck :)

We could have it at my house... what days work for you all?? I think any day would work except for Thursday.. I have Girl Scouts... ugh :)

I think you should all bring a snack or drink (or both, if you want) to share.

We have to coordinate this quickly... I will call everyone on Monday... and how would everyone feel if I invited someone else to come? Her name is Abbey and she is AWESOME!!!

Lemme know!

Misty said...

um... guys? I just thought of something...

My birthday is in about a month, so do we want to have a party this week or do we want to wait? I can only do one party, so I am personally suggesting we wait for my sweet 16! :)

but lemme know what you think. I dont really want to make an authoritative decision lol.

Hillari said...

I would rather do a sweet 16 for you than a random spring break party that only 5 of us can come to. But that is just me... :)

Amanda said...

Why would it be only 5 of us???