Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science olympiad

I want to know all whose going, what events your doing, and at what times, so i can see you.

I only have about 2 hours free time, 12:00 - 2:10.

I have Fossils first, then Physics lab, then Cell Biology. And my last one is Astronomy.
Let me know soon, seeing as the compitition is saturday.


Yen said...

Okay, so our group has 5 people now?

I'm in Picture This and Ecology (ugh!) I have ecology from 830-930 and Picture This from 1120-1130.

Oh, and do we want to go watch Wall-E at the Wildcat theatre, or do we want to hang out? The movie starts at 4 and the awards don't start until 630.

Oh, and if you guys need to find me, I'll be in an RV in the parking lot for the science buildings... probably wearing a dark blue shirt.

Hillari said...

why an RV?? cool, but very interesting. We are doing picture this and ecology. we wanted to see walle, but if we wanted to go ice skating instead, i'm fine with that. we basically have 6 hours of free time.

Hillari said...

it'll be me shannah and keilee going saturday

Yen said...

oh, the RV b/c my coach called in the RV renting place, and the owner offered to loan us one for the day. Idk what you want to do... I find that you understanding your math is much more important.

What time are you doing Picture This?

Hillari said...

i'm not sure, but i think 8:30. does your coach take this very seriously?

Yen said...

Yes and no... it really depends on the day whether my coach takes it seriously or not. He just didn't like the idea of have 7 rows in the Dee Events Center as our "home room".

So should I bring my graphing calc saturday, or are you just bringing yours?

Hillari said...

i have my giant bag, which can fit just about everything. i'll bring mine. :)