Wednesday, March 11, 2009


join the I-Hate-Adam-Lambert's-Guts-and-Luuuurv-Danny-Gokey Club. We have pins!


Yen said...

Who are they and why am I hating them?

Hillari said...

ooooooohhhhhh! i am SO in. I HATE adam lambert. way too cocky and a little too scream-o.

DANY GOKEY is my favorite and has been since his audition. LOOOOVVVVE him.

Amanda said... this American Idol?

Erika said...

I think it is manda.

I don't watch american idol. I have never really found it enjoyable.

My question is, how is it possible for someone to be "Scream-o" and be on american idol? it doesn't make sense.

Hillari said...

i guess it is more screetchy rock than scream-o. but it is close enough.

Yes it is american idol stuff, i forgot to tell you.

I'm not obsessed with it, but i do like to see who's music i will buy next.