Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allergy Test!!

EEK! So I just had 21 needles poked into me yesterday (not very fun, trust me) and I found out that I had a reaction to 3 things. I still have to do a self test to see how they affect me, so it isn't as bad as it sounds. The three things are: *drum rolllllllll*
The lady that stuck all the needles in me (also known as an allergy specialist, but that makes her sound justified.) said that she had never had someone who was allergic to oats, and she's been doing this for a while. Not even my mom is allergic to them! :)
Yeast was my worst (but again, still not an extreme reaction). Which is "not good" (Keilee, Shannah) because yeast is in EVERYTHING!!! I will give you a portion of the list they gave me.

Obviously no breads, cake/cake mixes, canned box biscuits, cookies, crackers, hamburger buns, milk fortified with vitamins (which is all milk unless I go out and milk a cow), pastries, pretzels, rolls, buttermilk, sour cream, all fruit juices unless I hand juice it, soy sauce, anything with vinegar like katchup, salad dressing, tomato sauce, mayo, olives, pickles, chili and peppers, nothing malted, no root beer, a whole bunch of vitamin pills (not that I ate those anyway...)

thats just part. *sigh* but yeah. I'm not going to completely cut everything out. Just eat them in great moderation.


Yen said...

Uhh.. Hillary, it's not like all of a sudden just because you know you're allergic to them, you must ex them out. I mean, just a few days ago you probably ate one of those things and nothing happened, right? And why can't you have root beer? Isn't it just soda?

Keilee said...

HILLARY!!!!!! I'm so sorry, this is absolutely terrible. What are you going to eat? You're going to die of starvation. I feel so bad for you. :'(

Amanda said...

You know, we get milk from a dairy and it's not like fortified with stuff (as far as I'm aware).

It's also delicious. (Even though it's skim, it tastes like milk, not water. ^_^)

Also, that is a crazy list. I kinda agree with Yen. Were you having issues eating bread yesterday?

Hillari said...

The thing about the reactions, I'm just learning, is that I have the type that is labeled "masked". The sypmtoms aren't extreme and I sometimes don't even feel them, but they are still damaging my insides. That is why it took 2 years to find out that my mom was a Celiac.

But DUH I'm not going to completely cut everything out of my diet! Even my mom agrees that it would be impossible. I'm just gonna have to keep count of how much I eat and monitor it a bit. Also if I have a big test coming up I will be sure to eat less.

Root beer is malted using yeast.

Amanda said...

Oh, that's depressing.

Can you have other soda?

Hillari said...

yup! but I don't drink it anyway.

Amanda said...

Well, that works out, then.