Friday, August 14, 2009


OMGSH! Girls Camp at Heber Valley Camp was amazing! It was so beautiful and fun, especially the challenge course and zip line! It would have been better if it wasn't stake camp, or at least we could be in cabins with our ward.

I was a YCL (Youth Camp Leader) over the 4th years, who were the outcasts. Our cabins were a long ways away from the rest of the stake. We had to hike up this long hill just to get to the amphitheater. I now had legs of steel. But, in a way it was worth it, because our cabins were round with carpet and a skylight, unlike the rest of the stake who had rectangular, cold, cement floors-Haha.

It was great until Thursday night, when it poured! I was soaked and had sit for hours on a hard, freezing cold cement floor in a pavillion, where the wind was blowing through. There wasn't any relief to my shivering...I didn't have a blanket, no dry clothes, nothing. And I had to go to the bathroom, but I was too cold to move. I swear I was gonna get hyperthermia and die, until one girl I think did end up going to the hospital for it. Yet, they still went going on with the testimonies... you think they'd have us go change. Nope. I don't think many people were listening by the end, especially because so many people had left to be dry and warm.

There's so much more to say, but it would take forever.


Hillari said...

Whoa! Your so lucky thay you got a circular cabin. I got to stay in a square one, but it was warm and the coolness was wonderful for me.

The only downer I could think of for me was the constant bloody noses. Did you go on a hike that they said would be 2 miles and ended up like 5?

Oh, and there was the whole situation where the other cabin toilet paper/stringed our WHOLE cabin. Literally I was stuck up on the top bunk because there was no place not covered in either toilet paper or yarn.

Oh, and Keilee? I understand your pain. Up here in Glacier, it hasn't rain in like whole month, but starting with the day we got here, it hasn't stopped. And yes, I did bring my laptop camping... Hey! They had free wifi!

Amanda said...

You brought your laptop camping? WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Yeah, Heber Valley's awesome. We went there two years ago. We weren't at all close to the amphitheater. Our ward had to hike up past three other wards just to get there.

Our fourth years couldn't finish their hike because there was a bear.

Shannah said...

Yea, Keilee, two girls got hypothermia. It was sad and scary. No spirit whatsoever.

Keilee said...

The altitude didn't really affect me and I was surprised. The only thing was that the first day, I could feel the pressure. I know a lot of other girls and leaders did get bloody noses and didn't feel good.

It was still amazing though.