Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello, all Titans! Yes, I am aware that most if not all of you are out of town! I don't care! I'm posting my schedule anyhoo!

A Day
AP American History with Mortensen
CE College Algebra with Steele
Financial Lit with Barnard
Lunch! (which is right next to Financial Lit! Cheer!)
Intro to Engineering with Frost

B Day
Jazz Band with Wayman
Honor's English with Reed (clear across the school from band. Ouch!)
Lunch! (Again, clear across the school)
Symphonic Band! (that was always in the morning, so that will be weird)

Yay! Post yours!
Oh, and I'm taking Travel and Tourism with Hess second that a relative?


Yen said...

I'm pretty sure if there was a teacher related to Keilee at the school, she would've told you, right Keilee?

Here's my schedule if anyone's interested... but no.. y'all all go to Syracuse!!! (and NUAMES for Misty and Erika)

1-ap am hist
2-lifetime activities
3-ap bio
4-ap calc
5-ap econ
7-calc lab
8-ap chem

and YES, I know it's a lot of aps... I lost my sanity last year.

Hillari said...

No she's not a relative, but she is really cool. My french teacher's mom came and did a presentation for the T&T class and we got to go and watch. Sounds like a cool class.

Amanda said...

Whoa! We're gonna have history at the same time! Weird!

You're taking a ton of AP classes!!!! You're crazy!!!! You're gonna die!!!! Is econ Economics?

I would have taken AP chemistry, I think, but every one of those "Interest Inventory" tests I have ever taken have told me I will like engineering. So I'm gonna try it out. It does sound kinda cool...
And I didn't take AP Calculus this year because I wanted to find out if I like engineering before I take a math class I only need if I go into engineering!

Yen said...

Yeah, it's economics. I just wanna try it. Whenever I take the inventory things, like on the ACT or whatever.. I always end up in data and stuff like an actuary, secretary, and stuff like that.

But I thought you were planning on going to the U? AP Calc and Stats can waive the General Eds math Qa/Qb requirements. You're gonna need it anyways regardless of the major.

Amanda said...

I never said I was going to the U. I said I was going to the U if I decide I want to stay nearby and decide to go into architecture.
If I want to stay nearby and go into language, I'm going to the Y.

But I haven't decided if I'm staying nearby yet...