Saturday, May 17, 2008


WHOOT!!! My Globe Theatre is DONE!!!!!!! This RULES!!!!!!!!!! Check it out!

Oh, and look at my AWESOME Lego Hamlet! He has a skull and everything!
And yes, if you're wondering, it IS Harry Potter...w/ an AWESOME shoulder cape! And Hagrid's head! And some other guy's head in his hand...


Yen said...

Holy Cow!! How did you make it so good? No offense or anything manda, but I didn't think you could make it that good. You're gonna get a bunch of extra credit! Thanks for making us all feel bad and incapable of doing stuff like that! By the way, how many man hours did it take?

Maddie said...

I think you meant HOLY FREAKIN COW!!! That is way awesome beyond awesome. I would never have done anything close to that good. You rock! Way to be a good example to all of us... you are probably the only one who worked that hard!!!

Aly said...

I am left with only two words:



That is all.