Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hey Everybody! I want all of you to send me all of the pictures you have of us from the last three days; lagoon day, the dance, last day of school, and the BBQ. I want to make a scrapbook, however girly that may be. I will send you all of the pictures I have, though I don't have very many. I would very appreciate it.


Aly said...

Hillary! You genius!

If you would send them to me after you get 'em, I would appreciate it much!

- Aly

Maddie said...

Yeah me too. I want a copy of all the pictures! I bet your scrapbook will be awesome because you're so creative at that stuff!!

Hillari said...

Maddie, I need your pictures too! I haven't got any yet. It is making me depressed. (not really, but whatever.) Please send your pictures!! I need something to do. :D

Misty :) said...

i promise i would send pix if i had any! but i dont. so... im still waiting for pix from maddie, keilee, and jalaine, and whoever else has any dang pictures!! please1 im desperate! (kinda)