Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hey you guys, in case you were wondering Andrew's lovely Globe Theater that you could tell he did it in 10 minutes earned him the extremely low score of 95/100. That's right, he only lost 5 points. FIVE!! I didn't think Mr. Carter would be that unfair, considering Amanda spent the whole term on hers. Guess he's not that great after all (sorry to you people who still like him, I'm in a mean mood right now!) GOOD JOB 'Manda! We earned our grade fair and square. By the way, if any of you want to know, Andrew's ID number is ******* and his PIN is ******* (censored by Aly). This is all thanks to Maddie's and mine's skills in tricking him into giving it to us. Just wanted to ruin everyones' day!!


Aly said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Wait, whadda we do with it? And how did you get it from him?! And THAT IS SO FLIPPING UNFAIR! HE IS SUCH A LITTLE BROWN-NOSING WEASEL! UGH!

Aly said...

Seriously, how the heck did you get that?

You haven't got mine, have you?

You couldn't be SO good that you could get it without them KNOWING you got it, right?

Or could you?

MAN, you guys are good. You need to teach me some of your tricks!

Yen said...

we aren't that good. I found out his ID by seeing it on a paper, and I hurried and wrote it down. Then we found out his birthday. We just stuck his info in to find his PIN. Don't worry, I don't have yours yet. I only get these things to blackmail people with, so obviously I'm not mad and want to get even with any of you yet. This is bad to think, but I've kinda lost some respect for Mr. Carter. Is that bad? I'm gonna ask him tomorrow if he grades on effort, and therefore what grade did he give Andrew. If he lies right in my face, umm... you know what I'll do.

Yen said...

Aly, how is it that I just commented at 9:18, but it said that it's 8:18. Explain this to me!

Aly said...

The time on this is messed up, Silly Yen!

Oooooh, tell me wut Mr. C says...oughta be muy interesante.

Wow, dudes. You really are good, though! And devious and cunning, nut wutever!

Hey, what r u doing for your Romeo and Juliet project?

Amanda said...

Yen, it's not that hard. Daylight savings or time difference! One of the two lol. I laugh at Andrew...

Yen, what's with the ANTI-Mr. Carter? He still rules. It's not like he could give me millions of points of extra credit. I can't get an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It would be pointless!

Who knows, maybe Andrew tried...a bit.

And what the hey! It's May 27th and you haven't told us what Mr. C said yet!

Bye! Mana