Monday, May 5, 2008

A POST...and a COMMENT...and the difference between.

NOTE: Check throughout this post for random links. If you click on them, THEY WILL TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE! GASP!

And yes, I know I look crazy in the coming picture...DEAL WIF IT!

There is a fine line between the post and the comment...ACTUALLY, forget that. There is really a thick, bold, bright red line of fire between a post and a comment! WATCH IT, PEOPLE!

POST: Interesting update on life...usually includes a picture.

COMMENT: RESPONSE to another person's post.

Also, the only way to keep people posting is to COMMENT. This is like the circle of life, but different. The commenting gives the blogger incentive to blog again, and comment, possibly on YOUR post out of gratitude. So COMMENT! MEEP!


Baylee said...

DOUBLE MEEP!! MEEPETy MEEP MEEP MEEP!! Jk! Hey Aly, wazzup my home skillet biscuit? I think your blog is freakin cute!

Misty :) said...

omg baylee u make me laugh!