Sunday, May 10, 2009

AP Test


The AP test is done and it's been 48 hours so we can talk about it! How do you think you did? Which essay questions did you answer?

I think I passed, but I'm not sure how well I passed. I knew for sure most of the questions I answered, and I skipped 22 of them. The DBQ went okay, but I kinda rambled and my last point of view was really vague, so I'm not sure if they'll get it. I answered #3 and #6, and I totally faked my way through 3 but really knew what I was talking about on 6. Last of all, I really hope they don't throw my test score out, because I was walking away from the room with Amanda S. and Megan talking about it(when we weren't supposed to talk about it), and I realized that the school has security cameras everywhere and I was talking kinda loud. 'Course, I was super hyper so I'm not sure I would have thought of it at the time. I hope they didn't junk my test for that!


Yen said...

Amanda... first of all, it's just you, me, and Hillary that's cheering... unless everyone else is cheering cuz now we're happier people and not paranoid about ap.

Same here, I'm pretty sure I passed, just not how well. I answered most of them, but some were guesses... we'll see how that went.

And Amanda, no one really implements the security thing. No one watches the cameras. My friends and I (and teacher) were talking about the essay questions inside right after. Then again, we took it at a stake center.

I LOVED the DBQ. What were your 3 points? I did social darwinism, economics, and political prestige/nationalism. Yeah, for the essays, I steered clear of the communism and post war era. What was 6 on? 3 was on the fall of Communism in the eastern bloc, right? I just stuck with #4 and 7 cuz I was okay on the Enlightenment and actually knew stuff for the scientific revolution.

Now the hard part... waiting for July... great...

Hillari said...

No two what the one about communism. I kinda did that one... just cause I vaguely knew about the Berlin wall. I had no clue on any of the questions but number 7, so basically I was screwed. I am shooting for a 3. :D

Yen said...

Ugh.. I'm sorry Hillary! I hope you get at least a 3 too!!!!

And Amanda, just to calm your fears, if they DID throw your test out, they would also throw out your whole school's test scores. Lots of ap kids would then want to hurt you. Don't worry. They can't expect teens to keep their mouths closed.

Amanda said...

6 was about the Thirty Years War, which I know really well, because I studied it because I liked Gustavus Adolphus (the Swedish General/King) and Albrecht von Wallenstein (the Mercenary). They were so cool! So I studied the war. So I knew what I was talking about. Presto!

On 3, I basically said Austria and Poland's political problems were caused by Germany. (Austria was associated with the atrocities of the Holocaust because of the Anschluss and Poland was attacked first "because it had a weak central government.")

Wow, Yen, your DBQ reasons were like fancy...I said a lot of the same things, but simplified it: glory, God, and gold.