Thursday, May 7, 2009


Happy Freaking Sweet Sixteenth Misty!

Omg... hope you get lots of presents (maybe a car? or is that being too hopeful?) Anyways, Happy Birthday and sorry I can't come to your party :( Don't party too hard w/out me!


Misty said...

and I already have a car.. it is older than I am, but it runs :P

And I simply cannot promise you anything concerning the strength of our partying. sorry.

Hillari said...

HAPPY (Slightly late and belated since I was studying my guts out for that stupid AP test) BIRTHDAY MISTY!!!!!! I can't believe that you have a car already, so jelous. and old beat up cars are the best in my opinion (along with my dream Porsche Carrera GT). Can't wait for your party!

Hillari said...

Oh, and did you get your braces off?

Amanda said...

Hey, Misty, what do you want for your birthday?

Misty said...

yes i got my braces off.

Im not sure what i would like for my birthday... either some Swedish Fish or some money to spend in Europe. (I dont mean that in a spoiled or snotty way, its just that i would like some spending money "across the pond" lol. and i would be more able to get you all something if i were to have the money to do so..*wink wink*