Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's OK!!!!!

Stacie, the 9-year-old's mother, called my mom today and told her all this. She said that Saturday afternoon, the doctor came in and started preping them for the worst. See, the doctors put him into induced coma. It would keep him stabalized. They were going to wake him up and the doctor said that he could die, just never wake up, or even be paralized. He also said that he wouldn't actually wake up for at least another 4-6 hours. He woke up half and hour later. The doctors were so amazed and not ready that they put him back under.

Later, they tried to get him to respond. They talked to him and told him to nod if he could hear them, he nodded. They then told him to make a fist, he could squeeze his fingers. They then asked him to wiggle his toes, he could. So he was awake and not paralyzed. (spelling?)

This is a miracle, it is more than we could have ever asked. Thanks for all your help. There is still alot to go through, he is going into rehab on Monday. But we are so excited. Don't stop whatever your doing, because it is working!!!


Misty said...

Thank Goodness everything is turning out ok!

Amanda said...

That's so great, Shannah!

Hillari said...

That is AWESOME!!

Shannah said...

I know, we were all really worried!